Zip Lining

Adrenaline rush

Standing on the platform, equipment’s intact, carabiner on the cable, helmet adjusted, gloves on, harness tightened, this is where it all starts. Trying to get to higher elevation, that’s the goal! 9 runs on 12 platforms is our mission. Are you ready?

“Jump!” says Tarzan. 100 mixed emotions, 1,000 curse words, and 10,000 languages you weren’t aware of speaking, all come rushing inside of you.

That’s how intense the first jump gets but what’s an adventure without adrenaline? In the blink of an eye, you’re already standing on the second platform. Yeay! Unfortunately, we’re still on the forest floor. Come on! Let’s go, there’s plenty more excitement to discover as we glide through the canopy of Belize’s rich rainforest.

Adventure Never Ends!

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