A walk through the Past

Welcome to the lost city! A place far, far away from home. Caracol Sits in the heart of the Chiquibul rainforest. It is known to be one of the largest Maya cities in Belize. Dominating the center of this important community is the massive structure known as Caana, “Sky Place.” This immense complex of palaces and temples remains today the tallest human-made construction in Belize.

Are you ready for a bumpy ride? Join us as we travel deep into the green dense forest of Belize. Off we go on a three-hour drive to one of Belize’s most prestigious jewels. Up and down, side to side as we drive up the dirt road. Looking through the window and witnessing how the broadleaf forest transitions into a pine Forest then back into the broadleaf forest is alluring. This is quite astonishing as both hold different ambient and different species of wildlife.

Arriving at Caracol is a whole new environment. The freshness of the forest, the whistling of the wind, the dancing trees, all tell a different story. This is where your adventure begins. Caracol is waiting to be explored. “Come on, Vamonos!” says Dora La Exploradora, as Belize awaits you.

Things included;

Private transportation in AC Vehicle from your hotel.

Licensed Tour Guide

Private Tour

Entrance Fees to Park



Bottled Water

Things to bring Along:


Bug Spray


Binoculars (Optional)

Adventure Never Ends!

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