Barton creek

Paddle into the Mayan underworld

Barton creek is located approximately one and a half hour away from the beautiful town of San Ignacio. This extraordinary place sits in the middle of a dense green forest. Barton creek cave is a natural cave that was once used by the Mayas to perform ceremonial activities. Most interestingly this majestic cave can only be accessed with the use of canoes.

Your adventure begins the moment your guide indicates that it's time to tighten your life vest, fasten your helmet and hand you over a spotlight. Here comes the exciting part, getting into your canoes. Swaying from side to side as you try to accommodate yourselves in the canoe is very exhilarating. Are you ready?

Into the underworld we go!

Join us as we paddle up the river to one of the Mayans most iconic caves. Let’s sit back and relax as we soak in valuable information from our guides and enjoy the ride as nature leaves us awestruck with its splendor and myriad wonders.

Adventure Never Ends!

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