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Iguana Exhibit

I see you little one

The Green Iguana Conservation Project, located at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, is a fun place to visit while staying in San Ignacio Town. Here guests are given the opportunity to pet, feed and spend time with these unique reptiles; while a tour guide explains all about the incubation, hatching, rearing, and releasing process of the green iguanas. Visitors can also be a part of this conservation project by joining the Adopt-an-Iguana Program or the Iguana Kids Club which are used to sustain the project and fund scholarships.

In 1996 Mrs. Mariam Roberson and Daniel Velasquez created this project due to the decrease in survival rate of green iguanas in Belize caused by over-hunting. They decided to create a program that would protect these rare species and educate visitors about these wonderful reptiles. This project has received much local and international attention, and is ranked as the # 1 activity in downtown San Ignacio by TripAdvisor.

Plan a fun family or group activity, and join this exciting tour. Get to pet or hold a few of these gentle reptiles, and learn about each one and the role they play in the ecological balance of the river habitat.

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