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Classic Maya Adventure Tours

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Cave Tubing

Butts Up!

Grab an inflatable tube and a helmet and float with us through “Xibalba” the Mayan Underworld. Cave tubing is a fun and exhilarating experience for people of all ages. Enjoy a relaxing cruise through the Nohoch Che'en Cave among huge sparkling stalagmites and stalactites, and get to see some pottery remains and other artifacts as well. Once out of the cave, you get to float downstream in crystal clear water surrounded by thick jungle with the sounds and smells of nature.

The cave tubing tour takes place at Jaguar Paw near Belmopan, about an hour away from Belize City off the George Price Highway. Jaguar Paw sits along the river in the Nohoch Che'en Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve which consists of a large network of limestone cave systems. This crystal-clear river flows through nineteen cave systems, making it a perfect location for tubing in the jungle.

“Butts Up!” Says Damian, as the rushing fresh water takes you away. The forty-five-minute hike feels so short yet so exciting as you walk through the dense green forest. The smell of fresh air filling up your lungs and the feeling of the cool breeze touching your skin makes the hike totally worth it. “We are here!” exclaims Damian. That’s when you know the best is about to begin.

Gearing up, positioning yourselves in your tube and preparing for approximately one hour and forty-five minutes of effortless adventure is quite rewarding. Let go, Let mother nature take its course and be sure to enjoy every moment.

Cold and dark is the new ambient as you enter the underworld of the Mayas. “Headlights on” orders Damian, as the daylight slowly fades away. Resting on your tube while flashing the glittery walls of the cave is mesmerizing and adds a sense of relaxation to one’s mood. Eventually the pounding of the raging water becomes louder and louder, and you know something exciting is coming up ahead. “Oh no!” Damian cries, “Here comes the waterfall, brace yourselves”!  Hold on to your tubes and enjoy the adrenaline rush as you float up and down over the rapids, and surprisingly you will all make it out alive! And that is just the beginning. That is only two percent of what you will encounter while cave tubing with us. There’s plenty more surprises awaiting you as we flow downstream- That is what adventure is all about.

What's Included;

Entrance Fees

All gears needed for tubing



What to Bring along;

Water Shoes

Extra pair of clothes

Cameras (if they are waterproof or resistant)


Mosquito repellent

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